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Exceeding expectations is just the beginning!

Our aim is to provide quality skylights & solar powered roof ventilation solutions to as much of Western Australia as possible, and we believe we have done so with a range of products from “SolarBright” Pty Ltd. Selected for quality and durability, all of our products are backed up by excellent after-sales service and our industry-leading product warranties.

Our Skills

Enquiries Returned Within 24hrs / 98%
Installations Completed Within 2 Weeks / 95%
Faulty Products Reported Within 10 yrs / 1%
Satisfied Customers / 98%
Affordable Solar Solutions van

Why Choose Us?

We’ve partnered with SolarBright, who is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of skylights, Solar Powered Roof Fans and many other environmentally effective products. All products have been engineered to perform at the highest possible level. They are easy to install, require no maintenance and operate on free, abundant energy from the sun.

Super Skylights is a leading Skylight & Ventilation Specialist on across Western Australia. Super Skylights was established several years ago by its local owner Nathan Jones. Nathan has over 20 Years’ Experience in the Skylight, Trade & Building Industry and has been involved in the Skylight Industry for more than half of that time.

We have spent many years building our business into a reliable, friendly, local business for all of your skylights and ventilation needs across Western Australia. We are constantly expanding to provide our customers with skylights & ventilation solutions as far across WA as possible, making it easier everyone to benefit from the potential savings and environmental impact our products provide.

At Super Skylights, we strongly believe that customers are entitled to receive great value for their money and no one should pay more for what the product or service is worth. It’s why we’ve created this business in WA and why we are proud to be able to offer you a growing range of great skylight products at unbeatable prices.

Offering an Industry leading 15 yr warranty on many of our products, provide customers, like you, with complete peace of mind.


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