Spectrum Tubular Skylights

High-quality tube skylights at affordable prices

Spectrum® - High Quality, Great Price

The Spectrum® series of skylights by SolarBright® offer consumers a high-quality, solid tube skylight starting from only $297, price that is hard to resist. The range comes in 2 different models (sizes), the SP250 and the SP400.Spectrum® skylights have been engineered to harness the sunlight and reflect it into your home or workplace through our highly reflective, solid anodised aluminium tubing.Spectrum® skylights deliver beautiful natural light into your home, creating a healthier environment and a feeling of more spaciousness.With a 10-year warranty and our highly competitive pricing, SolarBrights® Spectrum® series of skylights are amazing value for money.
  • Standard high impact acrylic dome is made of UV resistant, non-yellowing acrylic.
  • Leak-proof Design – Injection moulded leak proof roof flashings to suit any roof tile and various metal roof types.
  • Adjustable Tubes – Two jointed tubes let you work around obstacles. Tubes adjust up to 30-degree angle.
  • Single Lens Diffuser – Spreads soft, natural light throughout interior spaces.

Supply Only (DIY) Prices

250mmSmall – Medium sized rooms, Bathrooms, Hallways, Laundries and Wardrobes.No - Prismax onlyNo - White OnlyYes - Mechanical, Solar & Wind400mmLarge rooms, Kitchens, Dining rooms, Family rooms.No - Prismax onlyNo - White OnlyNo

How Does It Work?

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