Commercial Skylights

Introducing Solar MaxLight, daylighting solutions for big spaces.

Solar MaxLight® - Daylighting Products For The Work Place

The Solar MaxLight® series of commercial skylights by SolarBright® set a new benchmark for the Commerical Daylighting Systems made in Australia. The range comes in 3 different versions, a large 550mm open ceiling version (K-DL550/C), the 550mm version for closed ceiling spaces (K-DL550) and the standard 500mm MaxLight series. With the option to add our amazing SunTracker® Dome to either of the 550mm versionsEngineered to harness daylight like no other commercial tubular skylight on the market, especially when coupled with our unique solar-powered, motorized, GPS Sun Tracking & mirror array technology, all included in our optional patented SunTracker® Dome.Using cutting edge technology, like our Suntracker® Dome, M-Silver Tube®, and commercial grade aluminium flashings, our commercial skylights deliver brighter, more natural and healthier light into your space than any other leading tubular skylight or commercial daylighting modelsWith an industry-leading 15 year warranty, award-winning performance and our highly competitive commercial pricing SolarBrights® Solar MaxLight® series of commercial skylights are excellent value for money.
  • A comprehensive test has shown our light pipes outperform other light pipes
  • At 98% Reflective, our 0.5mm thick MIRO-SILVER® aluminium tubing is also resistant to moisture, corrosion and extreme temperatures.
  • Includes low profile, high impact resistant, uv stabalised acrylic dome
  • Dome also includes a seamless aluminium, stress absorbing collar, making the dome resistant to fluctuations in tempuratre
  • Includes commercial grade aluminium flashings, making them non-corrosive and 100% leak proof
  • Flashings can be painted any colour to match tile, Colorbond or any other metal roof profile
  • A range of diffusers and trim styles are available depending on ceiling type you require


Up to 65 sqm20M+ without any loss of light550mmLarge offices, schools, daycare centres, shopsYesUp to 65 sqm 20M+ without any loss of light 550mmwarehouses, factories, storage hangersYes up to 65 sqm 20m+ without any loss of light550mmLarge offices, schools, day care centres, shopsYes

Why Choose Natural Light For Your Work Place?

Adding free sunlight into your workspace has both psychologically and physiologically benefits. Sunlight offers the full visible spectrum of light that reduces eyestrain and makes our belongings look their true colour while blocking out harmful UV rays. Simply, people are just much happier under the sun! It even helps indoor plants thrive.

Daylight has been proven to significantly impact on productivity and health. Our eyes and brains simply function better when working in natural light versus artificial lighting and Vitamin D, gained from exposure to sunlight, is an essential mineral, as this vitamin has numerous benefits to our health. Healthier and happier staff all equate to a more productive workforce, less prone to sickness.

From a more practical standpoint, natural light also reduces the amount of mildew and mold growth, also keeping working areas healthier and reducing the number of sick days staff are likely to take.

Aside from all above advantages, Natural light is FREE so installing a skylight can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Product Options

The Active Skylight - Sun Tracker for Commercial /industrial applications

SunTrackers use Solar Powered, Motorized GPS Sun-Tracking technology and Mirrors to track the sun throughout the day to illuminate buildings using natural light.

Ciralight SunTrackers high efficiency allow users to shut off electric lights for up to 10+ hours a day, every day. Designed with thermal heat traps, Ciralight SunTrackers provide up to 63,000 lumens of lights without the heat gain, solar glare, or roaming hotspots normally associated with traditional skylights.

They can reduce electric lighting costs by 40-80%. The result is a FREE source of reliable, abundant, bright, diffused, healthy sunlight, just as nature intended.

Sun Tracker Features

A Solar Powered GPS Controller is the brain behind the SunTracker™. Utilizing a small photovoltaic panel for energy, the GPS Controller establishes the unit's location on Earth and rotates the SunTracker's™ Mirror Array towards the sun to direct it's light indoors throughout the day. The GPS Controller's capabilities make this skylight the pinnacle of daylighting devices.The SunTracker™ Dome is specifically shaped for active daylighting and strength. Available in either Acrylic or Polycarbonate, the Dome has been tested to withstand over 350Kg dropped on it while also allowing full spectrum sunlight to pass through and into the building below. Capable of withstanding any climate, the SunTracker™ Dome is the skin that keeps the whole system protected within.The SunTracker™ Dome Assembly Frame is the intermediary between the roof curb and the dome. Sitting flush atop the curb, the Assembly Frame holds the Dome firmly in place while keeping the GPS Controller and Mirrors protected from all external elements outside. The dual rain run-off levees built along the edge of the Dome Assembly Frame assure the SunTracker™ will not leak, while the Top Diffuser Lens sealed inside the Dome Assembly Frame works, in part, to minimize temperature transfer.Rotating within the Dome throughout the day is the SunTracker™ Mirror Array. Reflecting direct sunlight through the Top and Bottom Diffuser Lenses, the highly-reflective aluminium Mirrors make the SunTracker™ the most effective skylight on the market. Pictured at left is the Triple Mirror Array; Single Mirror Array to the right. The SunTracker's™ Mirrors allow for consistent natural lighting from just after sunrise to just before sunsetThe SunTracker™ Lightwell (only available to Closed Ceiling Skylights) transfers sunlight reflected off the Mirror Array into a building's interior. Sunlight passes through its highly reflective shaft to transmit abundant illumination indoors through a Lower Diffuser Lens at the bottom of the Lightwell throughout the daytime. SunTracker™ Lightwells are available in a variety of lengths and can be adjusted to meet any design and construction need. For Closed Celing Skylights, the SunTracker™ Comes with 3 optional diffusers for closed ceiling applications. Flat Lower, Pyramid and Low ceiling diffuser.SunTracker's™ steel Security Bars ensure your building remains safe while having SunTrackers™ securely fastened on your roof. Protect your building interior from intruders while still allowing abundant sunlight through with the inclusion of Security Bars to your SunTracker™ systems.

With A Solar Bright MaxLight Skylight The choice is yours…

Our elegant and unique range of lighting diffusers, allow you to completely customise your natural light experience, to perfectly suit your requirements. Whether you are after a bright, bold light which captures the colours in your room and creates a more open space. Or you would rather a softer, warmer light to add a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Solar Bright’s range of diffusers all offer exceptional lighting performance making the choice, completely yours.

Stainless steel bars fit into the flashing turret to help reduce concern over building security. These are available to add to any of our range, but at an additional cost

Our remote controlled dimmer allows you to adjust the amount of daylight entering your commercial space. It’s perfect for any room that may need to be darkened at certain times during the day conference or board rooms.