Budget Tubular Skylights

Great flexible tube skylights at amazing prices

Our Budget Range Offers Affordability For All

The Budget series of skylights by SolarBright® offer consumers a well made, flexible tube skylight starting from only $209, a price so low it is hard to say no! The range comes in 2 different models (sizes), the BU250 and the BU400.Our Budget skylights have been engineered to allow the sunlight to travel into your home or workplace through our reflective, flexible tubing.They are perfect for small drops, into spaces where only small amounts of additional light is required.With an industry-leading 7-year warranty and our highly competitive pricing, SolarBrights® Budget series of skylights are amazing value for money.
  • Standard high impact acrylic dome is made of UV resistant, non-yellowing acrylic.
  • Leak-proof Design – Injection moulded leak proof roof flashings to suit any roof tile and various metal roof types.
  • Flexible Tubes – Flexible duct, silver concertina shaft.
  • Single Lens Prismatic Diffuser – Spreads natural light into smaller interior spaces.

Supply Only (DIY) Prices

250mmSmall sized rooms, Bathrooms, Hallways, Laundries and Wardrobes.No - Prismax onlyNo - White OnlyYes400mmSmall Kitchens, Dining rooms, Family rooms where only small amount of light is required.No - Prismax onlyNo - White OnlyNo

How Does It Work?


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